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    Tuesday, August 14, 2018   /   by Kaye Dela Cruz

    Top 5 Remodeling Mistakes

    The sound of a sledgehammer smashing through sheetrock may get your pulse racing, but before you accidentally knock out a support wall full of wiring, take a long, deep breath and let’s ponder what can go terribly wrong with your remodel. The thing is that you can’t exactly x-ray the walls of your home to see what’s underneath — remodels are just fraught with problems and they tend to multiply as the scope increases.

    What can you do as a homeowner to avoid making any serious mistakes that could hurt your home’s value or make it unsellable (or even unliveable!)? Start by being aware of some of the most common remodeling mistakes people just like you make every year.

    Remodeling 101: There’s More To It Than Trying

    When you build a dog house or put together a shed, a mistake isn’t a serious folly. Maybe the roof leaks or there’s a gap to fill. It’s not a big deal and you can fix it because your small project only has so m ...

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    Tuesday, August 7, 2018   /   by Kaye Dela Cruz

    Declutter to Improve Your Home’s Marketability

    Of all the things that you can do to get your home ready for the market, there’s nothing as effective or inexpensive as decluttering. Not only does it allow you to really showcase the best features of your home, it helps you get ready to move and to possibly shed some items you really don’t need anymore anyway. Two birds, one stone.

    A proper decluttering can be a big project, though. It’s important to have a plan before you get started.

    Decluttering 101: Getting Started

    The goal of decluttering for a home sale is to make your house appear as large and functional as is possible within its structural limitations. Obviously you’re not going to turn a 12 foot by 12 foot living room into a massive parlor simply by getting some stuff out of the way, but as with anything you’re looking to sell, it’s a good idea to put the best foot forward possible.

    Removing clutter helps rooms feel more open and airy, so make this the hard focus of your ...

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    Tuesday, July 31, 2018   /   by Kaye Dela Cruz

    Dealing with Surprises During Your Remodel

    Congrats! Your fixer-upper is well on its way to be a fixed-upper now that you have a remodeling plan in place and a way to pay for it. You’re almost certainly imagining how lovely a soak in that new bathroom will be after a long day at work or how many family members you’ll be able to pack into your newly opened-up kitchen and dining area. The one thing you’re not thinking about right now is what could possibly go wrong.

    That’s ok. We’re here to toss a little storm cloud over your remodeling plans, or at least bring you down to Earth a bit so you’re not blindsided by things you might have never thought to prepare for when redoing your home.

    Surprise! Your Remodel Just Got Weird

    When you chose your home, you knew it needed work. That wasn’t really a shocker, even as the list from the home inspector seemed to go on and on forever. But now that you’re about to dig in and tackle those projects, now is really the best time to p ...

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    Tuesday, July 24, 2018   /   by Kaye Dela Cruz

    Wait, That’s Not Included? Appurtenance Explained

    You’ve finally found the home of your dreams. It’s perfect, the price is right, the neighborhood is wonderful (and walkable!) and it has some really awesome appliances. But when you go to your final walk-through, you’re shocked to discover that those awesome appliances have been removed, with absolutely no clue left as to their current whereabouts. Well, that certainly can’t stand! Where are the appliances?

    You stop in your tracks. Dead in your tracks. And you utter the words no Realtor ever wants to hear, “I’m not closing.” Your Realtor calmly pulls up the listing information on their phone to check the status of the appliances. Then they have a heart to heart with you about appurtenance.

    Appurtenance and Private Property

    There are few concepts within the real estate world that bring more tears, screaming and actual legal fights than appurtenance. This is basically a sort of wavy line between where real property (like a house or ...

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    Tuesday, July 17, 2018   /   by Kaye Dela Cruz

    Here’s Why You Need That Home Inspection

    You should never judge a book by its cover, or a house by what you can see during a showing. Not only are showings about seeing yourself in a space, rather than assessing a home’s structural stability and system functionality, they’re generally too brief to really get to the nitty gritty. No Realtor is going to wait around while you crawl through the attic.

    Anyway, that’s what home inspectors are for.

    What a Home Inspection Is and Isn’t

    One of the biggest misconceptions about home inspections is that the report you get is a run down of a static structure that’s unchangeable. The truth is that a home — or even an empty lot — is a constantly changing ecosystem. In a house, there are lots of parts behind the scenes that are growing and shrinking, shifting and moving, albeit slowly.

    A home inspection isn’t a projection of the future health of your house. It’s a right now look at the structure and all the moving parts ...

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